About the artist

For most of her life, Epstein kept drawing journals In which she experimented with ink, pastels, various forms of paint and printmaking. Her work  focused on the interior life of women, including  several major themes, among them, “The Inward Astronomer,” “Lovely Inarticulate Woman Goes  into the World” and “Drawing Fertility and Pregnancy.” She juggled her mixed media  work with her career as a journalist and writer until 2004, when she became a magazine publisher and editor. This led to a new visual creative outlets—art direction and fine art photography in the form of the iShadow Project. At first, Epstein explored shadows in the “cracks of time” between interviews on reporting trips or meetings. The project—and shadows—quickly took on a "life" of their own.

The photo on this page was taken during one of Epstein's iShadow expeditions to Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard. She has an extensive Aquinnah series.

Limited print editions of selected works are available for purchase.